Zombie Man is a character appearing in Zombie Cafe. He starts to appear at level 14 and regardless, he will not appear if a player's café has a rating below 3 stars. He was added in the first Super Hero update (v1.3.0) of the game (along with Supper Girl, Break-fast, Shadow Skull, and Dr. Hoboken; Thunder Woman and Amazing Amazon were added in a later version).

IMG E0277

A Zombie Man in the game


Tip Rating: 9 Speed: 9 Atk. Strength: 9 Energy: 1000 Max Energy: 2813 Cook XP: +10% Tip Multiplier: 2.00x Zombie Regen: +40%
Player level required: 14 Café rating required: 3 Cost: 60 Toxin



"This sweet-toothed food reporter has an awesome secret. He's looking for the next scoop."


"Zombie Man, a moral paragon for zombie kind."


Zombie Man's appearance has a big resemblance to Superman once infected, but looks like a casual worker uninfected. He is always grinning and he possesses a shining golden tooth once infected. His zombie clothes include a backwards letter Z, which is a reference to Superman's clothes.