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The opening menu of Zombie Cafe.

Zombie Cafe (Japanese: ゾンビカフェ) is a free to play game by Beeline Interactive released in 2011 for iPod, iPad, iPhone, and MacBook. It can be download for free at the app store, but charges real money for additional in-app content.


It's hard to find good help, thus a café owner is partnered with an evil corporation to use zombies as free labor to build a café empire. Customers can be infected to become eternal zombie slaves by using a Toxin, giving the chef an advantage over the neighbouring "human" cafés. Like a normal café, prepare food with all kinds of recipes, direct the (zombie) workers, decorate the place, manage supplies, and earn money to improve the café. However, if the zombies work too hard they'll get tired and try to eat customers. If the competition gets too fierce, the chef can always direct the zombies to attack a neighboring café and steal their secret recipes and money.

Players can connect with their Facebook friends to form a franchise, ordering food, collecting fees, and sharing recipes.


The names Zombie Cafe and Zombie Café (with an e-acute) are used interchangeably, as seen in some social media posts by the game developers.


Zombie Café is currently only available in the App Store. It was taken down on the Google Play Store sometime in 2013–2014 due to unexplained reasons, however, the app still remains in the iOS App Store.


The game is rated 12+ on the Apple Store as it does contain violence, cruelty, some profanity, and horror themes. Alcohol-themed subjects can be found in the game.

Generally, the app has received positive reviews, wth an average rating of 4 stars (as of v1.13.0). Many players believe the gameplay is fun, however, players have encountered numerous glitches and bugs (some have lost all of their progresses due to unfixed glitches).

Тhe app was last updated on October 21, 2016 and it is unknown whether Zombie Cafe will receive future updates. It is also noted that the developers hadn't regularly updated any of their apps in quite some time, and many have been removed from both platforms.


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