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Tiki Cookbook contains recipes that can be obtained in raids.

As of the 1.13.0 update, there are only 3 recipes. 

The Total XP for every recipe will increase as the player levels up. It may also vary depending on the game's version.

ImageNameLevelPrice Ready inServingsTotal EarningsTotal XPSpecialObtained in
IMG E0092 Brain Poke 6$9255h1010202080Enemy Café
IMG E0089 Fallout Poi 61 Toxin12h7007000120 +1 free zombie. 5% chance of premium.Enemy Café, Diner, Italian Eatery, Asian Restaurant, Tex-Mex, Pub, Chez
IMG E0091 Pina Collider RARE5 Toxin8h5008000150 +1 free zombie. 8% chance of premium.Christmas Café


  • Fallout Poi and Pina Collider are the only recipes that cost Toxin to cook.
    • Furthermore, both are labeled as "Radioactive" and are the only recipes that have a chance of infecting a customer when consumed.
  • Recipes in this cookbook are based on dishes mainly consumed on islands, with most of them being based on Hawaiian dishes.
    • Brain Poke is based on poke, a raw fish salad dish originating from Hawaii.
    • Fallout Poi is based on poi, a Polynesian staple dish.
    • The name Pina Collider is a play on piña colada, a cocktail originating from Puerto Rico.

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