Thunder Woman is a character appearing in Zombie Cafe. She starts appearing at level 14 and will not appear if a player's café has a rating below 3 stars. She was added in the 2014 Super Hero update of the game. She is the fastest character in the game.

IMG E0321

An infected Thunder Woman after serving Slimmer Man.


Tip Rating: 8 Speed: 12 Atk. Strength: 8 Energy: 1000 Max Energy: 2813 Cook XP: +17% Cook XP: +20% Zombie Regen: +30%
Player level required: 14 Café rating required: 3 Cost: 65 Toxin



"Her hunger is hitting her like a hurricane."


"This super server can serve up a storm."


Thunder Woman may be based on Thunder Girl (note the name) or Wonder Woman (along with Amazing Amazon). She has a lightning mark on the left side of her face right below her left eye, whitish blonde hair shaped like a tornado and dons dark purple clothing. Uninfected, she is grinning, wears pink lipstick and doesn't appear to have pupils. She has slight red cheeks and her skin has an orange coloration. Once infected, she is frowning and appears to be missing a tooth. Her lips become lavender.