"The Vampire Cookbook is great for raising good meals from the dead with recipes like Nosfera-Stew and Garlic Choke. This cookbook unlocks at level 13." — Zombie Cafe Cookbook

The Vampire Cookbook

The Vampire Cookbook is a cookbook that is unlocked at level 13. It contains recipes that can be obtained in raids.

The Total XP for every recipe will double each time the player levels up. It may also vary depending on the game's version.

ImageNameLevelPrice Ready inServingsTotal EarningsTotal XPObtained in
IMG E0151 Vampire Ash Browns 13$1404h1203602650 (level 100)Enemy Café
IMG E0152 Staked Steak 13$1852h, 10m2004002120 (level 100)Enemy Café
IMG E0153 Nosfera-Stew 13$2001h, 40m4504501060 (level 100)Enemy Café
IMG E0154 Bat BQ 13$2103h,40m1454352385 (level 100)Enemy Café
IMG E0155 Heart Dog on a Stake RARE$2253h2505001855 (level 100)Enemy Café
Garlic Choke Garlic Choke RARE$1503h, 20m3203201590 (level 100)Enemy Café
IMG E0156 Iced Coffin 13$55030m2006001325 (level 100)Enemy Café
IMG E0157 Muddy Mary RARE$200022h800560013250 (level 100)Enemy Café

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