The Raid Cookbook

The Raid Cookbook contains recipes that can be obtained in raids.

The Total XP for every recipe will double each time the player levels up. It may also vary depending on the game's version.

ImageNameLevelPrice Ready inServingsTotal EarningsTotal XP (café level 2)Obtained in
Hobo Delight Hobo Delight 1$305m20402Enemy Café
Leftunders Leftunders 3$4008h30090065Enemy Café, Leprachaun's Clover Field, Frankenstein's Restaurant, Beeline Cafe
Finger Sandwiches 3$110018h650195090Diner
Toe Jam Sandwich 4$1901h,30m10030020Diner
Dough-Nots Dough-Nots 4$2353h22044025Diner
Green-Plate Special 5$30030m11534512Diner
Onion Wrongs Onion Wrongs 5$10015m1251256Diner
Jam on Toes Jam on Toes RARE$2605h34068090Enemy Café
Haggis Haggis RARE$2502h26052050Enemy Café
Caramel Adam's Apple RARE$2751h26078050Enemy Café
Tumor Melts Tumor Melts 6$26002d11004400160Italian Eatery
Zomelets 6$3001h19038020Italian Eatery
Rot Dogs 6$25045m16533014Diner, Enemy Café
Pork 'n' Brains 7$65011h430129070Italian Eatery
Fetidccine Fetidccine 7$32003d19005700220Italian Eatery
Tofu Brain 7$6502h20080050Asian Restaurant
Beeline Honey Glazed "Ham" RARE$5506h, 40m5001500110None, must be purchased in the cookbook.
Wormicelli Wormicelli 8$180020h900270090Italian Eatery
Army Rations 8$2901h21042025Jane Wayne's Mess Hall
Street Pizza RARE$3404h35070040Enemy Café
Quick Stir-Fly 8$5807H500100062Enemy Café
Tiramiseeeww 9$2501h, 30m12036030Asian Restaurant
Flied Lice 9$2002h, 30m18537040Asian Restaurant
Keblobs Keblobs 9$4008h30090075Enemy Café
Worm Pit 9$200020h5003500140The Crypt
Roach Motel 9$16501d4503600180The Crypt
Curry Slurry Curry Slurry 10$110018h9501900110Asian Restaurant
Bul-goo-gi Bul-goo-gi 10$30001d,8h11004400150Asian Restaurant
Khyber-Belt Kebabs 10$5007h,30m29087060Enemy Café
Rotisserie Chicken 10$136616h,40m6261878125Enemy Café
Roasted Turnkey 10$60010h300120080Christmas Café
Santa Claws 10$2200 20H8004000140Christmas Café
Faux Noodles 11$4757h30090070Asian Restaurant
Malted Charm RARE$2500 1D,6H10504200150Enemy Café
Bread & Brains Spread 11$360 8H,20M25075055Enemy Café
Eyeberry Jelly 11$58010h,20m385115580Gourmet Goblin
Red Dragon RARE$225020h9503800140Gourmet Goblin
Burro-itos 12$65012h650130090Tex-Mex
Roast Turk-key 12$4104h41583040Tex-Mex
Fish Bones & Gold Chips 12$9255h,15m505202080Deadbeard's X'Spot
Chili Chili Bang Bang RARE$14257h,20m610305095Deadbeard's X'Spot
Mummy Crunchies 12$7208h2901450120Pyramix
Mastaba Split 12$8809h3001800130Pyramix
Loco Tacos 13$2651h35035030Tex-Mex
Frozen T-Oort Cloud 13$9001h,30m200100060Enemy Café
Dracooler 13$1350 1h,30m250150065Drac's Snack Shack
Blueberry Fangcake RARE$260010h7004200105Drac's Snack Shack
Guck-a-mole 14$3005h65065055Tex-Mex
Mourned Beef and Cabbage RARE$33001d,8h12004800145Enemy Café
Beetle in Beetroot Sauce 14$67010h680136090Enemy Café
Brain Washer Soup 14$60020m600120018The Grillin Villain
Nuke Fondue 14$1800 18h9753900110The Grillin Villain
Beetle Dee and Beetle Dum 14$1075 7h400160082Rabbit Hole
Jubjub Juice 14$800 10h3001500150Rabbit Hole
Hag-Gus 15$2201h,30m10030035Pub
Cremated Brulee 15$5007h,20m31594580Enemy Café
Fishy Chips 16$3003h22044040Pub
Puking Duck RARE$1500 18h,20m7003500130Enemy Café
Bangers & Mush 17$140018h6501950130Pub
Snot Cross Buns RARE$28001d,6h,50m11004400140Enemy Café
Entropy Cassoulet RARE$8007h,50m3901950140Enemy Café
Rabid Rabbit 17$1350 16h,40m6502600130Enemy Café
Hippo Crate 17$625 1h,30m18072023Alpha Omega
Achilles Chilies 17$1580 22h4202520180Alpha Omega
Foie Gross 18$12508h300180085Chez
Leg Rolls RARE$40011h,40m3501050100Enemy Café
Spiderello 18$8505h,50m480192085Enemy Café
Mutant Flan 18$6008h3502100180Astrogate
Nucus Can 18$140010h4003600235Astrogate
Stake Tar-Tar 19$10402h150120045Chez
Blood Shake Blood Shake RARE$3255h,10m36072050Enemy Café
Ape-a-Teaser 19$5007h,20m31594580Enemy Café
Muscles Sprouts 20$7505h220110065Jane Wayne's Mess Hall
Festering Hot Chocolate RARE$8007h,40m4002000150Enemy Café
Fried Snakeroll 20$100010h400200088Enemy Café
Anti Hero Sandwich 21$250020h3602880145Lab (Scy Fry's)
Quasar Coffee RARE$150016h,40m7003500140Enemy Café
Toxic Trifle 21$10502h150120050Enemy Café
Brine Shrimp Cocktail 22$6001h12072040Lab (Scy Fry's)
Hunch-Back Roast RARE$65045m12072040Enemy Café
Gruesome Gruel RARE$245020h3552840145Enemy Café
Tainted Sparkling Water 23$28515m15090020Enemy Café
String (Theory) Cheese RARE$250016h,40m8004000100Enemy Café
Jumble Eye-Ah 24$123012h6452580100Enemy Café
Dark Matter Loaf 25$8007h,30m4102460150Enemy Café
Thumb Pudding RARE$33401d,7h,40m11504600180Enemy Café
Leech Melba 26$6504h320160050Enemy Café
Buffalo Wings RARE$3255h,15m400120055Enemy Café
Nukes 'n Puke 27$8408h500200075Enemy Café
Cockroach Calzone RARE$194513h,45m540270095Enemy Café
Knuckle Sandwich 28$9158h,40m330198082Enemy Café
Deep Fried Bacon Wrapped Pizza RARE$273017h,30m8355010112Enemy Café
English Breakfast Pizza RARE$8655h,50m450180065Enemy Café
Head Cheese Pizza 31$143020h,50m625312556Enemy Café
Meatzza 32$5255h,50m425127555Enemy Café
Thorn Bread RARE$200015h,50m650325085Enemy Café
Ox Tail RARE$7365h220110070Enemy Café
Vile Veal RARE$42513h,20m550275080Enemy Café
Boiled Mystery Meat RARE$23518m16599065Enemy Café
Toe-Cooked Baked Beans 36$187513h,30m600300090Enemy Café
Coal-Slaw 37$53213h,20m550275095Enemy Café
Fried Abomination of the Deep 38$200012h4002800200The End Zone
Poo-Tine 39$50030m1801440100The End Zone

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