Supper Girl is a character appearing in Zombie Cafe. She starts appearing at level 6 and does not appear if a player's café has a rating below 2 stars. She was added in the April 2013 Super Hero (v1.3.0) update of the game.

IMG E0337

An infected Supper Girl.

Tip Rating: 10 Speed: 9 Atk. Strength: 4 Energy: 500 Max Energy: 1406 Cook XP: +20% Tip Multiplier: 3.00x Zombie Regen: +20%
Player level required: 6 Café rating required: 2 Cost: 35 Toxin



"This super gal always rolls with the punches."


"She dishes out justice and can hold her weight in plates."


Supper Girl's name is a portmanteau of Supergirl and "supper", to correlate with the game's theme.


Supper Girl is on based Supergirl. She has short blonde hair, red cheeks, pale skin, pink eyeliner, and dresses in blue. There is a whitish-yellow star on her left breast. Her skin becomes light green once infected, with an open smile.