Slimmer Man is a character appearing in Zombie Cafe. He starts appearing at level 9 and will not appear if a player's café has a rating below 4 stars. He was added in the 1.3.9 update (around October 2013) and is part of the game's Graveyard theme.
IMG E0317

An infected Slimmer Man.


Tip Rating: 9 Speed: 8 Atk. Strength: 11 Energy: 1000 Max Energy: 2813 Cook XP: +50% Zombie Regen: +50%
Player level required: 9 Café rating required: 4 Cost: 60 Toxin



"The only thing that is recognizable is his intense appetite."


"His favorite dish to serve is heart, spleen and kidney pie."


Slimmer Man is a direct reference to Slender Man, a supernatural character from a creepypasta meme. Just like Slender Man, Slimmer Man dons a suit and has a pale, featureless face. Once infected, he turns dark green with sunken in angry eyes and a wide open mouth which appears to be smiling.


  • Slimmer Man, Darklord and Bingo Enthusiast are the only characters with +50% Cook XP.
  • Slimmer Man is the only character in the game to be based on a meme.
  • Slimmer Man has the highest Atk. Strength of all Graveyard-themed zombies.