Retiree is a character appearing in Zombie Cafe, available from the beginning of the game. There is a male variant and a female variant. They are free to infect. They are very slow and weak due to age, but have a decent Tip Rating and high Patience (meaning that they won't attack until their energy is at around 2%). They also daydream a lot.


Tip Rating: 6 Speed: 1 Atk. Strength: 2 Energy: 70 Focus: 2 (hidden) Patience: 10 (hidden)
Player level required: 0 Café rating required: 0 Cost: 0




"He's enjoying his retirement by taking 20 minutes to decide what he wants to eat."


"She's enjoying her retirement by taking 20 minutes to decide what she wants to eat."


"The best part of retirement is not having to watch what you eat. Like brains."


The male Retiree shares the same head with Old Hippie, Veteran, Veteran Cop, Accountant, and Centenarian (who also has an identical sprite). He wears the same clothes as Senior and CIO. The female Retiree wears the same clothing as Cashier.