Recipe (レシピ) is what is cooked in ovens to be served to the customers in the chef's café to obtain money, which is used to improve the café and obtain zombies. Recipes are obtained by leveling up, by stealing them from rival cafés, and by ordering them from friends. A recipe can only be prepared if the level from the player's café is the same or higher than the recipe's level.

Each recipe has 10 versions:

  • Normal - The basic version.
  • Spicy (辛い) - Total XP increases by 10%.
  • Very Spicy (激辛) - Total XP increases by 20%.
  • Fancy (高級) - More expensive, but gives more total earnings.
  • Very Fancy (最高級) - Same as fancy, but with higher price and total earnings.
  • Bulk (巨大) - Double price, but double total earnings and total XP for the cooking time of one.
  • Fresh (新鮮) - Dish can stay on stove longer before it is ruined.
  • Frozen (冷凍) - Ready in time is doubled and price is reduced by 25%.
  • Quick (温かい) - Ready in time is reduced by 10%.
  • Very Quick (出来立て) - Ready in time is reduced by 20%.

Those varieties can only be obtained in raids. In later updates from the English version it is also possible to unlock those varieties for 5 Toxin each, a single recipe requiring 45 Toxins to have all versions unlocked.

List of RecipesEdit


  • Many English version is outdate (2013), and many plates are missing.
  • Excluding a few missing plates and details, Japanese list is complete, as of January 2016.
  • As the game is updated, some details may change. Usually this only includes new recipes (the first version had 64 recipes), but may also include other details.
    • For example, Total XP earned was higher in early versions of the game, with Mystery Meat giving 12 XP and Hobo Delight 24 XP. This made leveling up easier, but the café of enemies became stronger too fast, leaving the player's zombies outmatched.
ImageEnglish nameJapanese nameLevelPrice Ready inServingsTotal
Total XPCookbook
Mystery Meatあやしい肉
("Mysterious Meat")
1$82m12122 (E)
1 (J)
The General Cookbook
Hobo Delight Hobo Delightゾンビスープ
(Zombie Soup)
1$305m20404 (E)
2 (J)
The Raid Cookbook
Dishwater Soup汚水のスープ
("Dirty Water Soup")
2$12515m5015010 (E)
5 (J)
The General Cookbook
Leftunders Leftundersあやしい切り落とし
("Mysterious Cutout")
3$4008h300900130 (E)
65 (J)
The Raid Cookbook
Green Eggs & Sam変色した卵とハム
("Discolored Eggs and Ham")
3$2801h18036030 (E)
15 (J)
The General Cookbook
Finger Sandwiches指はさんじゃいました 3$110018h6501950180 (E)
90 (J)
The Raid Cookbook
Raccoon Tea ? ラクーンティー
("Raccoon Tea")
? 生臭いサンタのケーキ
("Fishy Santa Cake")
? 目で鯛 3$20133d10007000300
? 臓物風チョコ
("Entrail-style Choco")
? 愛憎いっぱい裏義理キャンディ
("Love-Hate Filled Back-Law Candy")
3$3141h6042014 -
? ホワイト戯腐兎 3$13145h300210090
? 鯛臭ジュース 3$5552h28084030
? 鯛の汚物煮カブト添え 3$15556h320192070
Gello Mold不気味なゼリー
("Eerie Jelly")
4$47512h4001200120 (E)
60 (J)
The General Cookbook
Toe Jam Sandwich足はさんじゃいました 4$1901h,30m10030040 (E)
20 (J)
Dough-Nots Dough-Notsゾンビドーナツ
(Zombie Donut)
4$2353h22044050 (E)
25 (J)
The Raid Cookbook
? 2周年カラフォーケーキ 4$73012h,10m563337822
Super Fruit Punch スーパーフルーツポンチ
(Super Fruit Punch)
?$405 (E)
$800 (J)
15m (E)
4h (J)
295 (E)
777 (J)
885 (E)
1554 (J)
240 (E)
35 (J)
The Super Hero Cookbook
? 3周年キャラ弁 ?$83010h333333050
??????????? ???????????
Handburgers & Flies Handburgers & Fliesハンドバーガーとフライ
(Handburger & Flies)
5$3105h32064090 (E)
45 (J)
The General Cookbook
Green-Plate Specialゾンビサラダ
(Zombie Salad)
5$30030m11534524 (E)
12 (J)
The Raid Cookbook
Onion Wrongs Onion Wrongsニオウニオンリング 5$10015m12512512 (E)
6 (J)
The Raid Cookbook
Jam on Toes Jam on Toes 足の指アラカルト
("Toes a la carte")
5$2605h340680180 (E)
90 (J)
The Raid Cookbook
Haggis Haggis ゾンビ餃子
("Zombie Gyōza")
5$2502h260520100 (E)
50 (J)
Caramel Adam's Appleアダムの毒リンゴ飴
("Adam's Poison Apple Candy")
5$2751h260780100 (E)
50 (J)
?大恨もち 5$65045m12072040
(Orc Steak)
Sloppy "Joe"どろんこバーガー
("Muddy Burger")
6$15001d8502550190 (E)
95 (J)
The General Cookbook
Tumor Melts Tumor Melts内臓サンド
("Visceral Sand")
6$26002d11004400320 (E)
160 (J)
The Raid Cookbook
(Zombie Omelet)
6$3001h19038040 (E)
20 (J)
The Raid Cookbook
Rot Dogsゾンビドッグ
(Zombie Dog)
6$25045m16533028 (E)
14 (J)
The Raid Cookbook
? ウジウジした氷 6$3003h25075050
? ヤバ素麺 6$4206h2001000100
Kamitsuki Big Foot man - (Japan only?) 噛みつきビックフットまん
("Severed Big Foot Person")
6$5004h220132070 -
Meat Lover Pizza Meat Lover Pizzaゾンビピザ
(Zombie Pizza)
7$4602h15060060 (E)
30 (J)
The General Cookbook
Pork 'n' Brains 頭と鼻の良くなる前菜 7$65011h4301290140 (E)
70 (J)
The Raid Cookbook
Fetidccine Fetidccineバッチーネ 7$32003d19005700440 (E)
220 (J)
The Raid Cookbook
Tofu Brain 頭の良くなる豆腐 7$6502h200800100 (E)
50 (J)
The Raid Cookbook
Kagabi Mochi ? カガビ餅
("Moldy Rice Cake")
Beeline Honey Glazed "Ham" ? 7$5506H,40M5001500220
Mac & Fleasゾンビマカロニ
(Zombie Macaroni)
8$3806h400800110 (E)
55 (J)
The General Cookbook
Wormicelli Wormicelliミズミズしいミミズ 8$180020h9002700180 (E)
90 (J)
The Raid Cookbook
Zombie Ration軍用ゾンビ弁当
("Military Zombie Lunch Box")
8$2901h21042050 (E)
25 (J)
The Raid Cookbook
Street Pizza裏通りのピザ 8$3404h35070080 (E)
40 (J)
The Raid Cookbook
(Bamboo Brain Juice)
? 8$??
SSS Pizza SSSピザ
(SSS Pizza)
Quick Stir-Fly? 8$5807H5001000124 The Raid Cookbook
Gnasty Gnocchi Gnasty Gnocchiニョキニョキニョッキ 9$47514h3751125160 (E)
80 (J)
The General Cookbook
Tiramiseeeww匂い立つティラミス 9$2501h,30m12036060 (E)
30 (J)
The Raid Cookbook
Flied Liceゾンビチャーハン
(Zombie Chāhan)
9$2002h,30m18537080 (E)
40 (J)
The Raid Cookbook
Keblobs Keblobsゾンビケバブ
(Zombie Kebab)
9$4008h300900525 (E)
75 (J)
The Raid Cookbook
摩訶ロン 9$5256h400800100
アイスカラーベ 9$25030m12048015
Vampireburger ヴァンパイアバーガー
(Vampire Burger)
Nose Jelly ノーズジュレ
(Nose Jelly)
Worm Pit? 9$200020h5003500280 The Raid Cookbook
Roach Motel? 9$16501d4503600360 The Raid Cookbook
Wonton Goop血染めのワンタン 10$32020m11534518 (E)
9 (J)
The General Cookbook
Curry Slurry Curry Slurryゾンビカレー
(Zombie Curry)
10$110018h9501900220 (E)
110 (J)
The Raid Cookbook
Bul-goo-gi Bul-goo-giゾンビプルコギ 10$30001d,8h11004400300 (E)
150 (J)
The Raid Cookbook
Khyber-Belt Kebabsエイリアンケバブ
(Alien Kebab)
10$5007h,30m290870120 (E)
60 (J)
The Raid Cookbook
Rotisserie Chicken火あぶりチキン 10$136616h,40m6261878250 (E)
125 (J)
The Raid Cookbook
Javo no Ikezukuri ジュアヴォの活造り
("J'avo Ikezukuri")
ティーなふりしたゼリー 10$2505h100100033
(Red God Chili Pepper)
? 10??????????
? 10??????????
Ayashii E Can Soup - (Japan only?) あやしいE缶スープ
("Mysterious E Can Soup")
Lei-Lei no Tenraiha Salad レイレイの天雷破サラダ
("Lei-Lei's Tenraiha Salad")
Panda Cocktail パンダカクテル
(Panda Cocktail)
Roasted Turnkey??? 10$60010h3001200160 The Raid Cookbook
Misfortune Cookies占いクッキー大凶入り 11$10015m12512514 (E)
7 (J)
The General Cookbook
Faux Noodles食べかけのヌードル 11$4757h300900140 (E)
70 (J)
The Raid Cookbook
ツィートローフ 11$5201h7560030
ゾンビ豚のクローバーソース 11$30001d,6h,50m11005500200
ホワイトブレッドマン 11$6002h31494280
? ロースト強化ハト
("Roasted Strengthening Hato")
Suzaku Soup Curry スザクスープカリー
(Suzaku Soup Curry)
Eyeberry Jelly - (Not available?) ?$58010h,20m3851155960 The Raid Cookbook
Ground Chuckゾンビユッケ
(Zombie Yukke)
12$4402h20060080 (E)
40 (J)
The General Cookbook
Burro-itos鼻のトルティーヤ巻き 12$65012h65013001530 (E)
90 (J)
The Raid Cookbook
Roast Turk-keyぐっさりターキー 12$4104h41583080 (E)
40 (J)
憎団子 12$12607h,50m320192085
おばけかぼちゃプリン 12$150013h,20m2401680180
コウモリの肉詰め 12$34010m10040012
Blood Juice ブラッドジュース
(Blood Juice)
Rock-man ロックまん
Chili con Carneyどろっとチリコンカン
("Dorotto Chili con Carne")
13$305m404010 (E)
5 (J)
The General Cookbook
(Zombie Tacos)
暴れんタインチョコ 13$20030m25025014
深宇宙のタルト 13$10001h,30m200140060
悲しみのカタバラ肉 13$38501d,9h,20m8756125170
杏仁パール 13$5124h,16m12889699
Arthur 1UP
? 13
Brain in a coconut ? ?
Shinkaigyo no Kouridzu 深海魚の氷漬
("Ice Pickled Deep-sea Fish")
("Aged Sausage")
14$12515m7515018 (E)
9 (J)
The General Cookbook
イヤーなアボカドソース 14$3005h65065055
大生糸春巻き 14$20006h1202640200
(Fish & Coin)
Used Shuu Curry ユーズド臭カレー
("Used Flavor Curry")
Brain Washer Soup - (Not available?) 14$60020m6001200126 The Raid Cookbook
Blood Puddingプッチンされたプリン 15$19001d8502550240 (E)
120 (J)
The General Cookbook
あやしい肉詰め 15$2201h,30m10030035
腐リーム・ブリュレ 15$5007h,20m31594580
(Zombie a la Mode)
Arthur no Tan Shio 2 Ninmae アーサーのタン塩2人前 15$??????????
Santa Claws Santa Clawsサンタクロウズ
(Santa Claws)
10 (E)
15 (J)
$2200 (E)
$1800 (J)
20H (E)
15H (J)
800 (E)
500 (J)
4000 (E&J)280 (E)
90 (J)
The Raid Cookbook
Stake & Kidney Pies何かが溢れ出すパイ 16$41512h300900190 (E)
95 (J)
The General Cookbook
(Fish & Chips)
肉のビートルート添え 16$10008h,50m4501800105
? ?
(Ghost Pudding)
Head Cheesesteak目玉が飛び出すドッグ
("Eyes Popping Out Dog")
17$38530m14042030 (E)
15 (J)
The General Cookbook
ソーセージ&マッシュ 17$140018h6501950130
鼻水パン 17$28001d,6h,50m11004400140
異星生物カスレ 17$8007h,50m3901950140
シャークヘッドロック 17$18006h700280090
Lady Fingers指の切り落とし
("Trimmed Fingers")
18$21015m12072020 (E)
10 (J)
The General Cookbook
ゾンビ特製フォアグラ 18$12508h300180085
もぎたてブロークンハート 18$40011h,40m3501050100
気狂いなデザート盛合せ 18$20143d9007200350
Vampire Lunch ヴァンパイアランチ
(Vampire Lunch)
Jiraiya no Koya-dofu ジライヤの高野豆腐
(Jiraiya no Kōya-dōfu)
("Sticky Escargot")
19$55002d11007700200 The General Cookbook
(Zombie Tartar)
Blood Shake Blood Shakeブラッドシェーキ
(Blood Shake)
19$3255h,10m360720350 (E)
50 (J)
The Raid Cookbook
おさるの指の前菜 19$5007h,20m31594580
? ?
Fileted Minion目玉が飛び出すヒレ肉
("Eye Popping Fillet")
20$185012h4302580110 The General Cookbook
ムチムチな芽キャベツ 20$7505h220110065
Licker no Maruyaki リッカーの丸焼き
("Licker Roast")
ジャンバラEYE 20$25001d,1h5503300120
1UP-fuu Steak 1UP風ステーキ
("1UP-style Steak")
Queen of Tarts 14 (E)
20 (J)
$720 (E)
$2500 (J)
6h (E)
12h (J)
380 (E)
680 (J)
1140 (E)
4080 (J)
1540 (E)
125 (J)
The Alice Cookbook
Anti Hero Sandwich世紀末サンド
("End of the Century Sand")
21$250020h36028801740 (E)
145 (J)
The Raid Cookbook
闇討ちソバ 21$200011h600240080
クェーサーコーヒー 21$150016h,40m7003500140
? 21
Brine Shrimp Cocktailキモ海老のカクテル 22$6001h120720680 (E)
40 (J)
Garlic Choke Garlic Choke ヴァンパイアのニンニク詰め
("Vampire Stuffed with Garlic")
13 (E)
22 (J)
$150 (E)
$1800 (J)
3h,20m (E)
2h,30m (J)
320 (E)
400 (J)
320 (E)
3600 (J)
810 (E)
90 (J)
The Vampire Cookbook
X-Man エックスまん
("Moss Flavored Shake")
(ZAP Bar)
("Tiger Pattern Burger")
Net Prawn車海老の地引き網添え 24$11003h250150060 The General Cookbook
ムシ食いアップルパイ 24$10402h150120060
超ひも状チーズ 24$250016h,40m8004000100
バットBBQ汚ソース添え 24$555516h,40m4885856300
? ?
Mice Pudding Mice Puddingネズミプリン 25$22015m15090015 The General Cookbook
泥水ココア 25$17005h500200070
(Dark Matter Loaf)
("Magical Omelet Rice")
Kaioh no Ashi Steak 海王の足ステーキ
("Sea King's Feet Steak")
(Sand Witch)
26$4201h28084035 The General Cookbook
("Itchy Sand")
? 26$
Fish Fingers魚のフライ 釣り針入り 27$160010h,50m4002000110 The General Cookbook
(Pucking! Duck)
Berry Tarthenonタルテノンベリーズ
(Tarthenon Berries)
17 (E)
27 (J)
$700 (E)
$2000 (J)
7h,30m (E)
20h (J)
400 (E)
650 (J)
2000 (E)
3900 (J)
3000 (E)
180 (J)
The Greek Cookbook
Cuss-Turd Tartカスなカスタードタルト 28$7504h200100060 The General Cookbook
Chessham Tea チェッシャムティー
("Chessham Tea")
28$16001d,2h6004200200 The Alice Cookbook
Sugar Skullsドクロの多種族食べ比べ 5 (E)
28 (J)
$225 (E)
$400 (J)
45m (E)
30m (J)
100 (E)
20 (J)
400 (E)
600 (J)
975 (E)
50 (J)
? 28
青虫の包焼 28$21009h20m8505100100
Fruit Cakeクモの巣フルーツケーキ 29$45001d,17h,40m9006300180 The General Cookbook
目玉のベーコン巻きピザ 29$273017h,30m8355010112
Red Dragon赤龍のかぶと煮
("Boiled Headpiece of Red Dragon")
? (E)
29 (J)
$2250 (E)
$1500 (J)
20h (E)
15h (J)
950 (E)
600 (J)
3800 (E)
3600 (J)
980 (E)
220 (J)
The Raid Cookbook
暗黒のホワイトシチュー 30$43004d21008400295
プルトンサイダー 30$50013h,20m5002500100
英国ゾンビの朝食ピザ 30$8655h,50m450180065
(Rocket Lunch)
boat ? ?$2000?? 5004500105
ユビ天丼 31$125010h180144095
("Pizza of Dubious Meat")
("Centipede Roll")
("Cosmic Sea Slug")
(Meat Passion Pizza)
朝るとモーニング 32$70003d1014000100
ロイヤルミル苦ティー 33$65010h,10m7201440100
鬼ちくぜん煮 33$16005h3001800165
オオドロチュードロ 34$22006h5003000120
ロデオ牛のしっぽ 34$7365h220110070
("Poison Ram Chowder")
謎のせむし焼き 36$8208h830166080
足の親指入りベークドビーンズ 36$187513h,30m600300090
身たらし団子 37$1002m241447
混沌のミートボール 37$220016h,40m7502750110
チャコールスロー 37$53213h,20m550275095
弔いロールキャベツ 38$33001d,7h,40m12004800145
("Minotauros Fry")
ハチミツ風味のスパム缶 40$40001d,8h8004800160
(Vegetarian Pizza)
ゴキブリ入りカルツォーネ 41$20002d6004200100
("Insect Jelly Pizza")
タイ風ピザ 43$
ボイルされたあやしい肉 44$
トゲパン 45$
悪臭のポークサンド 46$
最後のスペアリブ 47$
目玉のおかゆ 48$
親指プッチンプリン 49$
お下劣なラムチョップ 50$
ラパンのクビ狩り焼き 51$
スパークリング汚染水 52$
汚染アラモード 53$
恨みのツラミ 54$
恨ミノサンド 55$
汚染水のもも肉 56$
ウィルス味ポップトゥース 57$
や無茶な目玉 58$
ゾンビのくしゃみピザ 59$
ツタンカーメンデザート 60$
(Elephant Burger)
Garden Gnome Salad 66 $1340 7h 30m 700 2800 3990 The General Cookbook
Fetid Djinni 67 $1670 13h 20m 685 3425 5700 The General Cookbook
Verminestroni 68 $1915 16h 555 3885 6080 The General Cookbook
Wiccan Nuggets 69 $1420 10h 950 2850 4560 The General Cookbook
Voodoo Fondue 70 $1815 14h 20m 720 3600 5510 The General Cookbook
Eyestir Sauce Noodles 71 $2170 22h 580 4640 6156 The General Cookbook
Crimonade Can 72 $1755 14h 40m 900 3600 5776 The General Cookbook
Orc Steak 73 $1580 9h 40m 1080 3240 4574 The General Cookbook
Mandragora Dip 74 $2375 20h 20m 695 4865 6384 The General Cookbook
Snake-Snacks 75 $1840 15h 755 3775 5890 The General Cookbook
Greasy Gizzly 76 $2215 19h 20m 800 4800 6346 The General Cookbook
Elephant Toe Jam 77 $3055 1d 860 6880 7410 The General Cookbook
Crucy Fries 78 $835 6h 580 1740 3040 The General Cookbook
Eye Pop Candy 79 $600 3h 1215 1215 3800 The General Cookbook
Crypt Cake 80 $780 7h 750 1500 2850 The General Cookbook
Tropical Coco Brain 81 $2820 14h 720 5040 7790 The General Cookbook
Cali Snail Rolls 82 $3295 20h 820 6560 8284 The General Cookbook
Croccoli Soup 83 $3640 1d 2h 900 8100 8816 The General Cookbook
Wedgie Burger 84 $3035 14h 50m 770 6160 8056 The General Cookbook
Melon Coulis 85 $3450 19h 870 6960 8550 The General Cookbook
Hot Frog 86 $3870 1d 2h 50m 870 7830 9500 The General Cookbook
Muddy Mary - (English only?) ?$200022h80056005000 The Vampire Cookbook


Around 2012 or 2013, the cookbook was split into various cookbooks in the English version, such as "The General Cookbook" and "The Raid Cookbook", due to the large amount of recipes available.

The Japanese version mantained the original look as it has less recipes, but gained the option to arrange them in different orders, the standard being by increasing Level. Those include by increasing or decreasing Level, Price, Ready in time, Servings, Total Earnings, and Total XP.

Your Favorite Cookbook Your Favorite Cookbook A cookbook that can keep 15 of the player's favorite recipes 0-15
The General Cookbook The General Cookbook Contains recipes that are unlocked by leveling up. 97
The Raid Cookbook The Raid Cookbook Contains recipes that can be obtained in raids. 101
The Day of the Dead Cookbook The Day of the Dead Cookbook "Purchase the Traditional Estufa in the store to unlock Day of the Dead recipes." 6
The Medieval Cookbook The Medieval Cookbook "Purchase the Witch Potion in the store to unlock Medieval recipes. This stove unlocks at level 8." 6
The Pirate Cookbook The Pirate Cookbook "This Pirate Cookbook offers many grisly recipes, namely Plundered Blowfish or Shark Tooth Dullers and many more. This cookbook unlocks at level 11." 6
The Egyptian Cookbook "Purchase the Temple Furnace in the store to unlock Egyptian recipes. This stove unlocks at level 12." 6
The Vampire Cookbook The Vampire Cookbook "The Vampire Cookbook is great for raising good meals from the dead with recipes like Nosfera-Stew and Gerlic Choke. This cookbook unlocks at level 13." 8
The Super Hero Cookbook The Super Hero Cookbook "With great superpowers comes great appetite. Beat your hunger with super recipes like the Reactor Burger and Super Fruit Punch. This stove unlocks at level 14." 6
The Mafia Cookbook The Mafia Cookbook "Purchase the Standard Pizza Oven in the store to unlock mafia recipes. This stove unlocks at level 15." 13
The Politician Cookbook The Politician Cookbook "Purchase the Economic Grill in the store to unlock politician recipes. This stove unlocks at level 16." 6
The Greek Cookbook "With recipes like Zeus Mousse and Toeseidon, this cookbook offers a taste of Greek myth with a little zombie twist. This stove unlcoks at level 17." 6
The Super Mutant Cookbook "Reform your culinary knowledge with these super evolved recipes like Cybork Bun. This stove unlocks at level 18." 6
The Alice Cookbook "By order of her majestity the Queen of Hearts, you are hereby summoned to check out Alice's quirky recipes, like Queen of Tarts. This stove unlocks at level 14." 6
The Graveyard Cookbook "Here lies the recipes that are deadly delicious like Cold Feet and Corpse Flakes." 6
The Norse Cookbook "Flip through the Norse's secret recipes and discover the chef's favorites in the Viking era." 6
The Fantasy Cookbook "Hungry for a little adventure? Here are some classic fantasy dishes that will make your meal a delicious journey. This stove unlocks at level 13." 6
The 50's Dining Cookbook "Cook your way back to the 50's with recipes like Eyeberry Filthshake and Paincakes. This stove unlocks at level 11." 6
Victorian Practical Cookbook "Purchase the Victorian Cooker in the store to unlock. Victorian practical cookery recipes. This stove unlocks at level 19." 6
Celebrity Catering Cookbook "Lights! Camera! Action cooking! No, seriously, this is the book you need if you want to make all-action dishes... This stove unlocks at level 20." 6
Dark Side of the Spoon "Inside the Dark Side of the Spoon you will find dishes to tantalize musicians and fans alike. This stove unlocks at level 21." 6