A zombie pet

Zombie pets can be added to the café by buying a pet's house in the Special section of the store. This feature was added in later versions of Zombie Cafe (around November 2013) and is only present in the International version.

In the café, companion pets will wonder outside on the grass. Some companion pets Effects will discount cooking costs, increase tips, or buff statistics in café and/or raids.

In raids, companion pets are played just like zombie pets. During initial formation, they are lined up in a row in front of the zombie characters.

List of petsEdit

List of pets with their stats at level 0.

Description C


Effects Price
Fiery Hound90091020%3.00 This programmable pooch is the future of the pet industry. C +5% Cooking XP for SuperMutant recipes 40 Toxin +150 XP
Golden Lion1000101020%3.00 His roar can make any cafe and diners tremble. C +1 Speed to zombie servers 60 Toxin +300 XP
Midnight Panther3006510%2.00 Automatically fierce, this panther is the next generation of predators. C +1 Tip for cooked General recipes $50000

+20 XP

Rage Bull6506910%2.00 He'll knock down anyone who gets in his way. C 1% regen for zombies 30 Toxin

+100 XP

Royal Bear5005610%2.00 Don't get between him and his batteries. C -2% recipe cost for SuperHero recipes 20 Toxin +50 XP
Wolf of the Steppes95081120%3.00 This big bad wolf is looking for his little dead riding hood. C -2% recipe cost when cooking 50 Toxin +20 XP
The Undead Rottweiler 250 5 5 10%2.00 Pet him. This mean-looking K-9 is all bark and no bite. C +1 Tip for cooked Raid recipes $25000
Zombie Yeti S 75 Toxin +3000 XP
Cheshire Cat90011920%3.00 That maniac grin can make a grown man cry. C +5% Cooking XP for Alice recipes 50 Toxin

+20 XP

Great Sphinx of Giza100091020%2.00 Adopt this Pharaoh's pet. He'll be loyal to you to the end of time. C +5% Cooking XP for Egyptian recipes 50 Toxin

+20 XP

Details Edit

Key Edit

C = companion (always exists and may even offer buffs in cafe); S = summoned (in Raid only)

Limits Edit

The maximum number of companion pets you can have in your caf. However, one can put companion pets in Storage by simply dragging their pet house/platform into the Storage area. When you open Storage by clicking its icon, drag these to bottom of screen, they appear under the Special tab.

If you have more than one companion pet of the same type in Storage, they stack. A number is emblazoned in the icon with the count of items in that stack.

Pet Statistics: Edit

  • Critical Chance is likelihood that a critical strike will occur.
  • Critical Multiplier is factor to multiply normal strike damage by if a critical strike does occur.
  • Attack Strength controls regular strike damage.
  • Speed controls how fast the character moves.


  1. Pets gain 2 XP per kill they directly assist in during a raid. This is in contrast to zombie characters, which earn their XP by serving food to customers in the café; an ongoing, short, automatic activity. It takes many raids to level a pet, since rising a level requires hundred(s) of XP.
  2. When a pet goes up a level, they are rewarded with a slightly increased number of maximum Energy points (Health). Like with zombie characters, the information panel for the pet tells how many points the pet will gain when it levels up to next level.


  • Pets, like zombies, possess many attributes such as gaining Energy (health) by resting, dying when their Energy reaches 0, requiring 8 hours (now 1 hour) to resurrect after they die. However, since pets do not enter player's café property, they will always rest outside and are always gaining Energy when they are alive.
  • Pets, like zombies, do not gain Energy when they are put away (in the case of the former, being stored in Storage and not in the Meat Locker).
  • Pets can be put in Storage while dead/reanimating. They simply do not regain energy or come back to life while being stored.

Other Edit

The five robotic pets: Fiery Hound, Golden Lion, Royal Bear, Rage Bull, and Midnight Panther can assemble into Amptron during a raid by forming its torso, head, legs, arms, and legs. The player must have all five of these in a raid to summon Amptron and it can only be formed once a zombie enters the café.

Trivia Edit

  • Each pet purchased is assigned a random given name, much like the humanoid zombies, but the pets are given both male and female names.
  • Robotic pets make robotic sounds and undead pets make grunting noises. Each make two separate biting sounds when eating a customer.
    • However, Cheshire Cat makes female zombie groans when you tap on it or summon it in a raid. When it dies, it makes the cries of a male zombie being killed. When you revive it, it makes male zombie groans. It also shares the same biting sounds as humanoid zombies.
  • There is currently a bug (as of the v1.13.0 update) where pets do not regenerate while resting (their Energy remains at 20) unless a Toxin Barrel has been purchased.
  • Amptron was added in the v1.4.3 update.
  • There is a glitch where a pet kills a chef and dies a the same time, the chef's body will not disappear and will remain collapsed on the dead pet.
  • When you store a pet in Storage then take it back out, sometimes the "PURCHASED ON" date will change to the present.