Gacha Grave

A common gacha in use. A zombie will rise from its grave to work for the player.

Gacha (ガチャ) is a feature from the Japanese version of Zombie Cafe that becomes available alongside Events when the player's café reaches level 8. Based on the concept of a gachapon, here the player can obtain random zombies by using money or Toxin. Many zombies can only be obtained in the Gacha. Note that while the game can be played offline, the player must be online to access the Gacha.

  • $1500 - A random 1-5 stars zombie.
  • 30 Toxin - One random 5-7 stars zombie. The zombies that can be won can be seen in a list, and they change from time to time, usually being event related. Using it for the first time is free.
    • 300 Toxin - 11 rare zombies (the price of ten zombies plus one as a bonus)
  • Ticket - Added on July 2016. Players can win tickets on events and use them for a free 5-7 stars zombie.