Dr. Hoboken is a character appearing in Zombie Cafe. He appears once the player has reached level 14 and will not appear if the café rating is below 3 stars. He costs 50 Toxin to infect. He was added in the 1.3.0 (April 2013 Super Hero) update of the game and is based on Watchmen character Doctor Manhattan.

IMG E0340

Dr. Hoboken, as a zombie, in the game.


Tip Rating: 4 Speed: 9 Atk. Strength: 10 Energy: 950 Max Energy: 2673 Zombie Regen: +30%
Player level required: 13 Café rating required: 3 Cost: 50 Toxin



"Feed the doctor or he might blow up in your face."


"He glows with joy every time new customers walk in."


His name is a reference to Watchmen character Doctor Manhattan, but replaces "Manhattan" with "Hoboken", a city in New Jersey.


Uninfected, he is bright lavender with an ionizing radiation hazard symbol on his forehead. Once infected, the only thing that changes is his color, which becomes bright green.