Darklord is a character appearing in Zombie Cafe. He starts appearing at level 13 and will not appear if a player's café has a rating below 4 stars. He costs 65 Toxin to infect. He was added in the 1.4.1 (December 2013) update of the game and is part of the game's Fantasy theme.

Darklord resting

An infected Darklord resting, hovering above the grass.


Tip Rating: 4 Speed: 9 Atk. Strength: 10 Energy: 1200 Max Energy: 3376 Cook XP: +50% Zombie Regen: +50%
Player level required: 13 Café rating required: 4 Cost: 65 Toxin



"The only thing he's hungry for is the power to rule the world."


"Diners often shake and quiver as they make an order in his presence."


Darklord is a direct reference to Dark Lord. He does not have legs nor eyes, and only his red hands are visible. Once infected, he now has eyes that appear to be glowing red, his hands turn dark green, and there are toxin stains on his clothes.


  • Darklord has the highest base-Energy of all Fantasy-themed zombies.
  • Darklord, Will o' the Wisp and Blankey are the only characters that do not have legs; they hover around instead of walking/running.
    • Out of the three, Darklord is the only one with arms.
  • Darklord, Slimmer Man and Bingo Enthusiast are the only characters with +50% Cook XP.