Customers are the people who come to the player's café so they can eat the dishes available. Besides raids and Toxins, they are the main source of income in Zombie Cafe. Thought bubbles appear above customers' heads to let the player know how the customers are feeling about the café's service. It can either be a happy yellow face or a frowning blue face. This effects the café's rating.

There are many types of customers with varying appearance, gender and occupation. Those are not limited to humans; mummies, vampires, aliens, superheros, gods, and many other living bipedal beings appear in the café. Each customer that visit the café will depend on the player's level and the café's current rating. Every customer can become infected into a zombie to work for the chef by using cash or Toxins, and the ones first encountered are usually free.

The player can view a customer's attributes (e.g. Energy, Tip Rating, Speed, Atk. Strength) by clicking/tapping on the Info button on the lower right hand corner after the player clicks/taps on the customer. All customers have different stats; Energy ranges between 50 to 1250, and Tip Rating, Speed and Atk. Strength ranges between 1 to 12.

If the energy from one of the player's zombies is low, they may attack a customer in the café to eat them, causing all the customers inside the café to run away in panic without paying, along with the café's rating dropping. During raids in a rival café, each customer defeated grants $20 to the player and 2 XP for the zombie that killed it. The zombie will kill and eat the customer to refill some of its energy and the amount recovered depending of the customer killed.

List of CustomersEdit

As all customers have a zombie counterpart, please see the list of zombies for a list of customers.