Construction Worker is a character in the game Zombie Cafe. He starts appearing when the player reaches level 3. He costs $250 to infect. He is considered to be a good choice for raids due to his high Atk. Strength, and is a popular choice among early level players.

Construction Worker


Tip Rating: 1 Speed: 3 Atk. Strength: 9 Energy: 140
Player level required: 3 Café rating required: 0 Cost: $250



"You load sixteen tons, what do ya get? Something to drink and something on bread."


"Fights with the strength of Samson and serves with all the charm of an old work boot."


The Construction Worker is slow and a very low tipper, however, he a strong raider. Starting at level 3, players should consider using him in raids due to his high Atk. Strength, decent Energy and cheap cost. A bunch of these are great in raids, as they can easily defeat the chefs and the raid boss. (Besides serving, zombies can level up by eating customers in enemy cafés and can acquire a significant amount of XP by defeating the raid boss.) Unfortunately, raids get progressively more challenging as the player levels up (past level 20), and multiple Construction Workers may not be able to defeat enemy cafés.