Centenarian is a character appearing in Zombie Cafe. He starts to appear at level 6 and a café rating of 2 or more stars is required. He is free to infect. His stats are identical to that of Retiree, but has lower Energy. He is therefore the weakest character in the game.


Tip Rating: 6 Speed: 1 Atk. Strength: 2 Energy: 50 Focus: 2 (hidden) Patience: 10 (hidden)
Player level required: 6 Café rating required: 2 Cost: 0



"He's 100 years old and can barely read the menu."


"He's 100 years old and can barely make it across the room, let alone eat anybody."


Centenarian shares the same head with Old Hippie, Veteran, Veteran Cop, Accountant, and the male Retiree (who also has an identical sprite). He wears the same clothes as Senior and CIO.