For the female counterpart, see Businesswoman.

Businessman is a character appearing in Zombie Cafe. He comes in two variants: one with 100 Energy and the other with 90 Energy. He appears in the very beginning of the game and is free to infect.


An uninfected Businessman (Variant 1).


Tip Rating: 4 Speed: 4 Atk. Strength: 3 Energy: 100, 90 (Variant 2) Focus: 4 (hidden) Patience: 6 (hidden)
Player level required: 0 Café rating required: 0 Cost: $0



"He's a cucible zombie. He's just not dead yet."


"He's a former cucible zombie who now has better working hours and a brain-inclusive benefit package."


Variant 1 shares the same head as Couch Potato, Senior, and Steam Punk Lord (albeit smaller and modified). Variant 2 shares the same head as Politician, Executive, CEO, and Colonel. They both wear the same clothes as Mathlete, Politician, Executive, CEO, Accountant, Sergeant, Foreman, and Fire Chief.