• Neowikian

    The information added includes Price of each pet, and what Effects the pet has.

    Pets are unlocked by raiding the Enemy cafés in the English version of the game. (Not sure if they come directly from raiding the associated enemy café, or from buying the stove that is unlocked from that raiding.)

    Since I have the English version of the game and have been raiding for years, I have most or all of the pets unlocked—though I have only bought two types so far; the two paid for with $, not Toxin.

    I will add some more pets' information to the Pets page. There's a Cheshire Cat, Great Sphynx of Giza. Looks like those are all that are still missing.

    Neowikian (talk) 15:16, April 12, 2016 (UTC)

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  • Neowikian

    Now there are some new categories.

    • Place: page describes someplace in game; e.g. Café, Meat Locker—and possibly Raid—character(s) can go.
    • Prices: if page contains a price list, then it includes this category—making it easy for users to see what they can buy and how much it will cost them.
    • Statistics: pages which describe statistics on things (Zombies, Pets, etc) have this category included.
    • Buffs: pages which include information on how something improves a Character stat is on this page
    • Character: if page is about characters (Zombie or Pets) then it includes this category.

    These Categories will make it easy to quickly view various types of things for buying (Prices), going to (Place), applying (Buffs), and aiming to aquire (Character and Buffs). …

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  • Neowikian

    I was thinking of creating an article entitled Raid that was about how Raids work, what the place is like, how to do the raiding activity once you are there, what raids are for, and how they contrast with the normal cafe cooking environement.

    Is there already a page like that?

    And if so, where is it?

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  • Neowikian

    I just joined the Zombie Cafe wikia this week!

    I have been a player of the game for several years. It's one of my favorite mobile games.

    I like the pace of the game. Once you get your level up and learn a bunch of recipes, you don't have to mess around with 2 minute recipes. You can do ones that take 24 hours and generate a lot of servings of food, as far as the cooking/leveling aspect goes. Raiding is a fun change of pace. You get to do a little combat.

    I added about 20 upper level recipes to the recipe list page today.

    I've reached out to find where a good place (apropos page) is where I can contribute a set of simple leveling strategies. Such tips can save you time and in-game resources. Longtime players likely already know them. People who…

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