Amptron is a large, composite bipedal robot that only appears in raids. The player is required to have bought Fiery Hound, Golden Lion, Rage Bull, Royal Bear, and Midnight Panther in order to use it in raids. The five robot pets form its body parts. The player cannot summon Amptron until at least one of their zombie Pets or servers has entered the café. It can be used up to three times per day.

It can be purchased in the store (in the Specials tab) as the Amptron Bundle Back for 130 Toxin to purchase all five robot pets simultaneously while saving 20%.

It hovers for mobilization and punches when it attacks. It has a special attack where it can emit powerful energy at the opponent.

There is a time duration (like Zombie Yeti or Big Bad Wolf) that lasts for a limited amount of time depending on the player's level. The maximum amount of time is 2 minutes.


  • Amptron's name may be a combination of amp (short for ampere) and tron.
  • Although it does make mechanical noises, it also makes male zombie grunts when attacked.
  • Amptron, Zombie Yeti, and Big Bad Wolf are the only characters that are invinsible.
    • They do not have health bars and cannot be killed.



Zombie café Amptron

Zombie café Amptron

A video of Amptron in-game during a multiplayer raid.