Amazing Amazon is a character appearing in Zombie Cafe. She starts appearing at level 14 and will not appear if a player's café has a rating below 3 stars. She was added in the 2014 Super Hero update of the game. She and Thor have the highest attack stat in the game.

IMG E0326

An infected Amazing Amazon in action.


Tip Rating: 7 Speed: 8 Atk. Strength: 12 Energy: 1000 Max Energy: 2813 Zombie Regen: +50%
Player level required: 14 Café rating required: 3 Cost: 65 Toxin



"She's been fighting a losing battle against her growling stomach."


"Courageous Goddess. Legendary Superhero. Fierce Waitress."


Amazing Amazon may be based on Wonder Woman (along with Thunder Woman). Her clothes and overall appearance bear strong resemblance to Wonder Woman's. She has slight red cheeks, has short black hair and a serious look. Once infected, her clothes and hairstyle stay the same but her face becomes furious.