Al Capone is a character appearing in Zombie Cafe. He starts appearing at level 15 and will not appear if a player's café has a rating below 3 stars. He costs 60 Toxin to infect. He is part of the game's Mafia theme and is directly based on former real-life American gangster Al Capone.

IMG E0095

Al Capone (uninfected)


Tip Rating: 4 Speed: 10 Atk. Strength: 10 Energy: 900 Max Energy: 2532 Cook XP: +20% Tip Multiplier: 2.00x Zombie Regen: +20%
Player level required: 15 Café rating required: 3 Cost: 60 Toxin



"He got the scar on his face from robbing the wrong food bank."


"Wanted dead and alive, this mafia boss is fully armed with toxins."


Al Capone is obviously based on the well-known real-life American gangster Al Capone, who was active during the early 20th century. He has a large scar across his cheek, dons a fedora and has a cigar sticking out of his mouth. Before infection he appears to have an evil grin with his cigar facing downward, and after infection he has an angry face along with his cigar facing upward and has toxin stains on his fedora and clothes.